paintball at its best

Visit us with your friends, family and colleagues to test your strength and will against others like you who like to have fun whilst partaking in explosive action. The ultimate adrenalin game. The excitement of two teams playing ten combined and varied games with a pre-determined objective to fulfil whilst eliminating the opposition. Each player is armed with a semi-automatic paint marking rifle (at no extra cost) and wears a full face visor, and camouflage body and head protector for total safety. The games are played in 12 acres of terrain, combining bridges,rivers,trees,bushes,bunkers,a bunker tank, and of course the opposition. Do you fit the bill? Can you take the pace? If you think you are up to it, give us a ring and have the time of your lives. Prices are £16.00 for a full day which includes 50 paintballs, free gas, tea, coffee, fruit juice (at no extra cost). You will need to purchase extra paintballs, Prices are £6 per 100.or £25.00 for 500. Enjoy free refreshments in our waterproof covered seated safe area. Call now for more information and booking details on;    07890817964 or 01282451035 Hot lunch can be arranged when booking Or bring a packed lunch